Miscellaneous Projects

- Developer Console

A developer console using C# reflection and attributes. Automatically converts from input string to desired argument type. Since I stopped working on this mid-feature bloat (wanting parsing to work exactly like linux’s bash) I might as well share the source code.

alt text

alt text

- Voxel Art Test

A quick test to see how good I could make voxel art look in-engine with minimal processing. These models came pretty much straight out of MagicaVoxel

- Dithered Shading

Fairly simple thresholding of the light intensity using a ramp and pattern texture. Could really use some of this, as it becomes very noisy when looking around.

- GPU Compute mesh grid displacement

Using a texture to displace the top half of each pillar. The texture is noise generated in a compute shader. Planned to use this as the terrain for a tower defense game that never was.

- Hologram of Voxel Terrain

Fancy visuals on voxel terrain. Inspired by the desire to improve on the scanning room in Subnautica. Still want to try volumetric rendering of the actual voxel terrain by using a 3d rendertexture as a data source.

alt text

- LoadOrderHelper, A Rimworld mod

A mod for Rimworld that allows you to load the mod load order for any given savefile. This allows you to easily switch between mod configurations. Made for Rimworld Alpha 17.

alt text

The feature got included in Rimworld Beta 18, so no need to update the mod after the next game update. Oh well, super useful for the few months it was relevant!